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Fairly Odd Mother

Frantically waving my magic wand to make wishes come true.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swept clean by Irene

Not all that long ago, this was what the inside of my refrigerator looked like:


Since those days of plenty, we've replaced this refrigerator with a sleeker, stainless-steel version, which was just as packed as the one above.

Until Irene.


After 52 hours without power, we are back to a clean slate. But, other than a bunch of branches all over the yard, nothing was damaged.

And little jars of jams, sauces and chutneys can be replaced pretty easily.

Hope my East-coast peeps made it through Irene without losing too much as well.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking up the house party

At last count, I've planned/hosted/cleaned up over 24 kids' birthday parties in my home (that number isn't exact, but let's go with it, ok?).

I've thrown fairy parties, pirate parties, outer space parties. There have been mock sleepovers, luaus and first birthday parties where the theme is only "Red things". I have had Candy Land, LEGO/Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and Dora-licensed character thingymabobs. All at home.

Now, D, my littlest, is staring down the days until he turns seven (in three weeks! ack!) and I thought maybe we'd have a camping party (like this one, but as if hillbillies threw it because there is no way I'm sewing that tent or painting wooden signs or even ordering expensive cookies from NYC)

Not-so-little D thought about it, shook his head and said, "no".

Oh-kay what would you prefer?

"A math and chess party." (here is where I realize I have not explained to my readers that my cute blond-haired boy has morphed into a kid who considers his math/chess class to be the pinnacle of fun) (insert homeschooling joke here).

But, you know, I can roll. . .a math/chess party may be hard, but it could be fun! Division cookies! Subtraction relays! A Pawn Pinata! I could almost see it!

And then he said the words, "And I want it at Frenzy's" which is some indoor padded play space in which you throw children and let them bounce and flop until they are a sweaty mess, while the adults presumably sit calmly watching coffee and texting.

Oh, and because all play spaces need to position themselves as being enriching and educational in some way, this place has a mechanical bull. Yes.


yeehaw, I can handle the bull, mama!

I smiled and thought, "eh. . .those places are always a million bucks, make you eat their crappy cake---I like cake WAY too much---and are so far away". And then I checked the website.

Under $200 for a party where you can bring the cake and do the invitations (oh, and it does NOT include use of the mechanical bull---the more expensive party does, but I consider this a downside of spending more) (my kids can learn how to ride a mechanical bull when they are drunk and 24 like normal people). AND, this place is right down the street.

This may put a screeching halt to my home-party streak.

And I wonder if there is a way to work in math relays while the kids run around the room.

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