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Fairly Odd Mother

Frantically waving my magic wand to make wishes come true.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Where the Sidewalk Ends?

In my last post, I mentioned that the title of that entry ("Don't Give a Dose to the One You Love Most") was from a song, and I asked if anyone else knew about this song. Only my sister ventured a guess, and she was right! We both remember hearing the following lyrics during Health Class, probably during the early 80's:

Don't give a Dose
To the One you Love Most
Give me some Marmalade
Give me some Toast
Believe it or not, this song refers to VD, or STD's as they are more commonly called today. Why someone about to infect their girlfriend with say, crabs, would suddenly turn off his raging teenage hormones to give her a piece of toast is beyond me.
Although I've remembered these lyrics for over twenty (cough cough) years, it was only after looking them up online that I found out it was written by none other than Shel Silverstein, that amazing writer of Where the Sidewalk Ends (among other gems). Wikipedia says, "He wrote the lyrics and music for most of the Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show songs, including . . . the cautionary song about VD, "Don't Give a Dose To the One You Love Most".
Yup, from Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout to a song about VD. Sounds about right. . .



Anonymous Mrs. Q said...

Um, I'm disturbed by that. Shel? Say it ain't so! I expected way more from you for an STD song!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

Several months ago my girlfriend named her daughter Sylvia so I went looking for the lyrics to Sylvia's Mother. I was surprised to see it was a Shel tune. I love that song!
Until then I'd only known Shel for his more mainstream poetry.
I'm willing to forgive Shel for the atrocity that is The Unicorn Song because he wrote A Boy Named Sue. As far as I'm concerned the brilliance of the latter overrides then innanity of the former.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Julie said...

Wow. Apparently my sex ed was not quite so entertaining. Although I vaguely recall having sex ed at all.

Kudos to you and Mrs. Q for remembering those lyrics.

Does this mean there is some hidden meaning in Shel's other works? Or did that just supplement his income on a dry spell.

What do you suppose came first the sex ed song or the WILDLY successful books.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Our favorite poem is "the Band-Aid" Poem

10:05 AM  
Blogger Dysd. Housewife said...

OH MY GAWD! I haven't heard Dr. Hook in like, forever!! Now I have to browse Itunes ~ THANKS ALOT! ::smirk::

3:36 PM  
Anonymous MrDrHook said...


There was a VD special made by PBS, and that is probably what you remember, I've never seen it. It did feature the guys from Hook and Shel. It must have been used for a very long time if you saw it in the 80's, lol!

Regards, Mike

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Mommypajammy said...

Check out "Uncle Shelby's ABz Book" and "Different Dances"...very much UNLIKE the "Giving Tree" and "Sidewalk Ends"! Not for the pre-school crowd.

7:32 AM  

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